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Sunday, August 23, 2009

back to airshow

We watched K.C. Airshow from the cheap seats today (free)
up on the hill over looking the airport.
You'll have to click to enlarge to see the red plane in this pic, it is a Soviet Mig
here's an F-16

here's an interested spectator

Other spectators
many with picnic baskets (the smart ones)

and a T-6 Texan WWII trainer over the city.
It was hard for me to get photos today, they were further away.
Remember, I'm using a point and shoot but it is nice to have the city as a background.

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Q said...

I was wondering about the air show. Sunday we went hiking on the Kanza Prairie. The weather was perfect! We used to take our kids to the air show when they were little...30 plus years ago!
I have enjoyed catching up with you and your butterflies.
The Hairstreak is so wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing them when my Live Forevers bloom!
This cool down has been delightful.
Almost make me think Autumn is here.