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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trip to Mexico

Monday, 24 people from our park took a bus tour trip to Mexico.
We were all up early to meet the bus at our club house at 6 am, we were all a little worried about the weather as it had rained all night and the northern front came thru turning the temp down to the 40s.
After picking up more tourists from a couple of parks in Mission, we headed to Rio Grande City for a little breakfast at the Golden Arches.
After enjoying our meals, we were warned to have a big breakfast as it would be a long time til our next meal furnished by the tour company, we headed to Roma, TX where we would cross the border into Cuidad Miquel Aleman and on to the Mexican side of Lake Falcon where we all could stand on the border and have one foot in the US and and one in Mexico. On to our focus destination, the two cities of Neuvo Guerrero and Old Guerrero.
The skies had cleared and the sun came out to make it a perfect day to be out exploring these two towns.

The Old Guerrero was in the path of Lake Falcon and the people had to move in 1948, all they moved from the city was the statue and 3 church bells and they now stand in the court yard of the new Guerrero.
Now we are on the way to visit the old city, which used to have a population of 30,000 people in it's heyday. Most of the buildings are made out of sandstone, and many of the buildings are still standing including the beautiful church which I forgot to include here, sorry.
The lake has receded but the school and many other buildings are still under water.

Here's our guide, Abel, explaining the water depth, the city's history and many more interesting facts. He lives in Mexico City but works in the RGV for three months for his Mexican tour company.

We are heading back to the bus, looks like we have a couple of new tourists joining our group.

Finally, we get to have our late lunch around 4 in Miquel Aleman. We had a choice of three meals, Mexican plate which I enjoyed, Chicken Fajita plate which Ken had and a hamburger and fries. The hamburger came with a slice of ham on it so it really was a HAM burger. We all enjoyed our complimentary Margarita too.
Now, that we were satisfied time to head home.
We all enjoyed our trip to Mexico.

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ThatOne6uy said...

Sounds like fun. Thanks for the pics!