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Friday, February 26, 2010

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day to be out, perfect temp 77 and a light breeze.

We started out walking some of the trail at Thomae County Park which boarders the north side of Atacosa Wildlife Refuge. We saw a few of the common birds, did see a Verdin and Ken got a photo of it. We headed up to the parks boat ramp to see what was happening, the pelicans were just taking it easy.

We started to walk up the beach but it was too muddy, this little inlet seems to attract a few water birds.

It was such a lovely day we decided to go to South Padre again. We were disappointed when we saw this huge pipe lining the beach, we have no idea what it's purpose is.

So we head to Ken's favorite birding spot in SPI, the Convention Center and the boardwalk but it was market days and the parking lot full. OK, we'll pay to walk the boardwalk this time and visit the new Birding Center. It is a beautiful building with exhibits and tower overlooking the island.

Here's looking over the boardwalk area, there is a mile of boardwalks.

There hasn't been the number of birds there as in the past but it always offers something to watch, today a spoonbill was preening a little closer to the boardwalk so we could get some good photos.
We stopped at a little restaurant overlooking the Arroyo Colorado in Arroyo City for dinner, we had a really nice and reasonable dinner we were surprised when a dish of chocolate pudding was included.

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