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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some new birds

We finally have the sun after getting 3 more inches of rain, it came out Friday and it is still shining today so we've been out birding surprise, surprise, huh!
I've been having problems with the blog site so that is why you haven't seen any new posts since Tuesday. Back to our birding, we went back to Bentson SP Friday to get a photo of the Rose-throated Becard and our hour plus waiting was rewarded with several opportunities to get a photo of this beautiful Mexican bird.
While sitting and waiting we heard about the birds at Quinta Mazatlan Birding Center.

So Saturday we headed there where at the first feeding station this Tropical Parula was entertaining several birders.

The main bird that attracted the crowd of birders was this Scarlet Grosbeak when ever it was sighted the excitement drew all nearby to run to see it and we got to see it a couple times.

This is the beautiful sky I woke up to this Sunday morning, looks like another nice day to get out before the next front comes through with more rain.

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