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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Evection day....

....not us but the sparrows inhabiting the purple martin houses in Ramsey Park. We helped 3 other couples from the Harlingen Audubon group clean up 7 purple martin houses this morning.
The sparrows were back checking on their clean apartments but we hope the martins find the clean homes before the sparrows rebuild their nests.

Sat. evening we had some very good entertainment, Ruthi, she sang and danced with crowd. She entertained us for 3 hours, and she had a really nice voice. We all enjoyed the evening but I believe some enjoyed it alittle bit more then others.

Sat. was really a nice day, as was today, temp in the high 70s, so we went to Estero Llano State Park. We didn't see any new birds but did get a few shots of birds like this Northern Harrier.
Tonight some pegs and jokers and tomorrow looks like another nice day before more rain comes Tues. Ken and I are still sharing my computer.

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