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Monday, February 1, 2010

Kite Fest, plus

Sunday we went over to South Padre Island to see a little of the Kite Fest.The kite below is one of the big speciality kites. They also have aerial demos showing the control and aerobatics some of the kites can do.

It was very windy and chilly, this little dog came prepared wearing a coat.
We walked the birding boardwalk a little, we were cold and hungry and there weren't very many birds out and about but this Northern Harrier flew by and I was able to catch it with my camera.

Today, we stayed in, Ken slept in and I watched the birds at our feeder, the Yellow-throated Warbler visited it several times.

A single wide trailer was moving out today and we watched it too. The owners had a couple of dogs, people were complaining about being them noisey we didn't think they were noisey and they were only a couple spaces down but they were given the ultimatum to get rid of the dogs or leave, so they left.

They pulled it out of the space then backed it out of of the park, here it is going by our RV.

This day sure flew by!!

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