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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Todays weather

We got up to the chorus of coyotes this morning and to fog. We went in to town so Ken could have his breakfast burrito, then we walked around Ramsey it was very humid but the butterflies were out.
We didn't last too long there and then stopped at Walmart for a few Thanksgiving supplies.
Ken is going to heat up a Stouffer's mac'n cheese and take a box of wine to the Thanksgiving dinner.
I took this pic on the drive home, the storm clouds were coming in and by 1 pm we had wind and rain. The temp is to drop also from 74 to mid 60's and it is to be nice the next couple of days.
We've been going to our wetland birding area a couple of times but it always turns cloudy on us so pictures aren't that good. I was excited to see my first snipe there. It is a nice place to watch the birds, the common yellow-throats, marsh wrens and at least 10 Harris hawks as well as all the water birds.
I would like to wish Dennis a Happy Birthday!!

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