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Monday, November 16, 2009

Photos from Bird Festival

Here's a photo from Walmart's parking lot, three new wally world shoppers? At the Bird Festival Bazaar there was a booth with live raptors, they had been injured and are now being used for educational purposes. You could also have your photo taken with them, we didn't just took photos.
This is an Aplomado Falcon, I had posted earlier that we saw one in the wild last week when we were at Laguna Atascosa NWR so now you can see what one looks like.

It was an easy way to get a nice photo of a Bald Eagle too!
A cold front is passing thru today which is to bring some much needed rain.
So far no rain but the temp has cooled to the 60's.
Ken is cooking up some ribs and beans today so we will be eating well for a while.
The park's Internet system has been fixed, hope it stays fixed.
Yesterday, we went to Santa Ana NWR and walked around, did see a Common Mestra butterfly and several of the others. I was watching at one of their feeding stations and saw a raven, at the time didn't think much of it but later when reading thru our bird list discovered it a Chihuahua Raven as the common Raven is not here. Should have taken a pic but didn't.
I got caught up with the laundry yesterday afternoon and this morning cleaned the RV some, then joined the exercise class at the clubhouse. It's not often we're around for me to join the ladies with their classes. There were 7 of us today.
The ribs are ready so time for some lunch.

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