Welcome to my photo journal.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


We arrived at Hummingbird Cove this afternoon around 4 and are pretty much settled in. We have even meet 2 new people and visited with our old friends Sandy and Troy. The cats have been sick on this trip except for Squeakie she must have an iron stomach.
Our first night was in Guthrie, OK and second night in Lexington, TX.
On our drive today we must of hit more butterflies than we saw all summer back home.
The snout nose butterflies were out in force around Victoria, TX and at one point it was almost raining butterflies.
We noticed our first boattailed grackle at Sinton, TX and we then felt we were almost at our winter home.

Our first sunset here at Hummingbird Cove.
We learned that South Padre is plagued with the red tide causing the fish to die. It is nasty stuff in that it affects the air quality too.
On the news we saw a tropical storm that may come into the gulf, maybe it will clear up the red tide.
They now have a yoga class here, I may try and catch it when we aren't out birding and looking for butterflies.
It was so nice to be out in the evening in short sleeves, the daytime temp has been in the 80's.
We'll probably go to San Benito tomorrow to have breakfast at McDonald's, Ken will need his breakfast burrito fix, then check out Ramsey Park and see if there are any butterflies there.
Then Friday evening is Happy Hour up at the club house, we'll go up and see who's here and get reacquainted. It's early so there aren't many here yet.
Til later, have a great day.