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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bird Festival

We have enjoyed the Harlingen Bird Festival, we went Thurs and walked around the venders booths, bought a couple of t-shirts, and 3 old birding books.
We then visited with the guy who gives bird walks at Ramsey Park and he gave us all kinds of places to go birding and eat.
We went to a seminar on how to ID birds but it really wasn't that helpful.
Friday we went butterfly hunting at a couple of parks and saw our first Red-bordered Pixie and Gauva Skipper and several I haven't taken time to ID.
Photos will be posted on Flickr when I can get them there. Today, we got up early and went on a birding tour of the salt lakes and Edinburg wetlands, at the lakes we saw 5 Nilgai, the big elk like animal from India that now roams south Texas.
We saw 65 bird varieties today and several were new to us.
Our park is having internet problems so I haven't been able to get on line and may have problems in the future so I'm making this short hoping I don't get cut off.

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