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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some neighbors

These Sandhill Cranes have been visiting the field across from our RV park, they get a bit noisy but I enjoy hearing them,
As well as our morning owl call and sometimes earlier coyote chorus.This Great Blue Heron was behind us one morning just looking things over.

We've been out checking various nature centers seeing if we could find a different butterfly but so far they have been the usual ones we already have bunches of photos of.
We did join Frontera Audubon Center figured a membership was a better deal than paying every time, it's a really nice spot to bird in Wesleco.
Today, we went out driving and ended up at South Padre Island. We checked out the finished birding board walk, it's nice. We saw several shore birds there, it's always a good place to go birding. It was a cloudy day and fact started to rain on us coming home so the photos we took aren't the best. We'll visit again and again and will get better photos, the Roseate Spoonbill hopefully will be there then.
We had our first pot luck dinner last night, Troy and Sandy supplied the hamburgers and everyone else brought sides. Then we played Pegs and Jokers with two other couples for an hour or so, the guys skunked us gals we'll get them back next time.
Friday evening we have a birthday party to go to, Bob is celebrating his 80th, Bob and Norma are from Moberly, MO. They are the ones who invited and taught us how to play pegs and jokers so I made him a card with that theme.

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