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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photo of a Pauraque

We've went out birding today, surprise ! surprise! We went to Ramsey and here is a Pauraque I think she is setting on a nest. We heard a couple of days ago there was a Pauraque and it was near the path, we must have walked passed it a couple of times Monday. A birding group was there this am and they pointed it out to us. The cactus are only a few days from being in full bloom.
We went to the park's St. Patrick's party last nite, I had corned beef and cabbage and we had a band to entertain us.

In green, is Sandra Bracher, our entertainment director, and next to her is Rebecca the owner of Hummingbird Cove and Diving Dolphins.
We did go Hawk counting Tues. for a couple of hours but I didn't take any photos. We saw just a few hawks and turkey vultures.

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