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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A new butterfly

We went for a long drive today over to Mission to check out the NABA International Butterfly Park, finally. It was a good thing it was breezy, the mosquitoes were bad there. We are able to add a new butterfly species to our list, the Crimson Patch, isn't it pretty. It was hard to get a photo, it was hard to get any photos, the butterflies didn't lite very long. This passion flower is blooming at Ramsey Nature Park, two days ago there were 3, today only one. I think passion flowers are so different I really like them, so do several caterpillars but I haven't seen any on this plant yet.
Are you getting tired of all these butterflies, flowers and birds? I can't wait for the cactus to start blooming, at least they don't move.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

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Sandy said...

No I'm not getting tired of the butterflies. I'm enjoying the trip!!