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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birding at LANWR

We've spent the last two days birding at Laguna Atascosa NWR, all day, I feel like I'm on a bird diet. We end up only having only one meal when we go there. This is the spot where our new birds were sighted. Ken spent over 6 hours over the two days waiting for birds. I just wonder around and around, I usually see different birds but with my point and shoot can't get a photo. Today I was lucky and got this photo of the Blue Bunting, yes Blue not Indigo Bunting, the female is a rust color I didn't get her and I don't think Ken did either. But he got a beautiful photo of the Blue Bunting and several of the other birds we saw.
I also got lucky and got this photo of the Grooved-billed Ani. I so wanted to see and hear this bird and today we got to see him and her. There was a pair.

So over the two days we added 7 new birds to our list:
Blue Bunting
Grooved-billed Ani
Wilson Warbler
Northern Parula
White-eyed Vireo
Winter Wren
Black and White Warbler (did see one in Watkins Mill last spring)
So we've had some luck these last two days.
I have been keeping track of the birds we've seen and where, so far, we have added 47 new birds to our list this winter. The butterflies I haven't been identifying as well so really haven't totaled them up, will need Ken's help to do that.
I bought this really nice coloring book at the Valley Nature Center, Learn About ...Texas Birds it has all kinds of interesting facts. There are 9300 different bird species in the world, 900 different bird species in North America and 600 different bird species in Texas. I think we have alot of watching and learning to do!! I haven't totaled our life bird list yet.
These are the speciality birds of the Lower Rio grande Valley:
Plain Chachalaca
Altamira Oriole
Green Jay
Great Kiskadee
Olive Sparrow
Long-billed Thrasher
We have seen and photographed them all, most have been shown on my blog.

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