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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another hawk watch day

We got out a little earlier this morning to join the hawk watchers, there weren't very many today. We saw several kettles of vultures and then later in the morning a kettle of 500 Broadwing Hawks. They were up very high but still it was cool to see so many hawks at once. We were there for 4 hours today, so we got to see alot of birds Plovers, Anhingas, Ibis and over 30 Scissortail Flycatchers, I caught these 4 in a nearby tree.
After stopping for lunch, we went to Ramsey to see if the Pauraque was still there and it was gone. The cactus are really blooming now and as we were walking around we spotted several Ribbon Snakes, I hope it wasn't one of them that got the Pauraque.

Birding can be hazardous to your lifestyle. It's a progressive addiction that can intensify from an amused observation to a knee jerk obsession in a matter of weeks. So be careful. This hobby may change you from being a sane, normal, predictable person into a bird book junkie who will leave home and loved ones at the mere jingle of a birder's hot line.

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