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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birding Class

We made it though our three day birding class. We did learn alot and saw a couple of new birds for us. The first day was in the class room going over the basics. Our instructor is Gene Wilhelm an expert who has edited birding books. Each class ran from 8:15 to 12:30.

After the first day we stayed at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge and rode their tram around the refuge and learned the history of the Refuge and some of the plants etc.

The second day of the class we went out birding.

They have a nest with a baby Great Horned Owl, it is in an old hawks nest as the owls don't make their own nest. This nest is in a very public area right over the paved road that runs through the park. The public is only allowed to drive thru the park in the fall other wise you walk, ride your bike or ride the tram.

Today the last day of class we also went out birding, we didn't see as many birds today but a few lucky people got to see a bobcat. In the two days out we saw 58 species of birds and 4 were new to us Sharp-shin hawk, Forrester Tern, Gadwell and Ringneck duck.

Friday after class we went over and visited the Watersons they are leaving the valley Sunday.

Today after class we went to Valley Nature Center (we got 2 for 1 ticket when we rode the tram at SANWR) and we saw 5 Yellow crown night herons there. We then stopped at the Outlet Mall on our way home we bought some birthday gifts at the Disney Outlet store.

We have had a busy 3 days and are pretty wore out, Ken is napping at this moment.

Next Thur - Sat Ken signed us up for the raptor count at Santa Ana. We enjoyed our time spent with other birders, the serious birders are quite helpful to us beginners. Maybe someday I will be able to just hear a bird and tell what it is like I do now with the easy and common ones. I learned from Gene that we have been hearing the Pauraque at night.

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Deb said...

A three day birding class sounds wonderful! How fabulous to spot 54 species of birds. Your Great Horned Owl photo is great.