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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Valley Nature Center

We saw the Vermilion Flycatcher today, it was out catching bugs with the Couch's Kingbird and Yellow-rump warbler right where we were told it would be. After hitting Best Buy, we visited Valley Nature Center in Wesleco, it has a nice visitor's center.
I saw my first wild poinsettia, plus many other native plants to the area. We saw more Chachalacas, Kiskadees and Orange-cap warblers.
We also spotted several cresents, this is a Vesta Cresent I believe. We also saw a Julia and Zebra Heliconian butterflies.

It was just a beautiful day to be out, no wind perfect temp of 72, it has been a bit cool in the early mornings that we have been running our electric heater. It is dry here and there has been several grass fires, I hadn't even thought of that being a problem here.

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