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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just down the road

It was another beautiful day here in the Rio Grande Valley, we had a few more visiters to our feeder this morning (they are the first two photos of my slide show). Ken decided we needed to add a ground feeder so we went shopping for another feeder this morning.
We now have neighbors on each side of us, we haven't meet them yet.
We decided to visit the County Park just down the road from us in Arroyo City. It turned out to be a good birding park, there's camping there too right next to the river but their monthly rates are much higher than what we are paying here. We even saw a Spoonbill but to far to get a photo. The Redheaded ducks are to be somewhere in that area and in the biggest concentration in US but we didn't see them there was something with red heads in the far far distance. The shore birds I'm not good in identifing. I believe the river runs into the Laguna Madre the bay on this side of S. Padre Island and is a salt water river.

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