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Monday, January 12, 2009

Around Hummingbird Cove

It's turned cool 70s daytime and 40s at night, cold for the locals. Yesterday, it was only 60 and it felt cold to us so we went to a movie, we saw Clint Eastwoods Grand Treno, Ken really liked it for me it was depressing.
This morning some of us from the park toured the Border Patrol Hdqs in Harlingen, it was interesting, they even had a few detained. They are kept there only 48 hours then sent to a bigger center til they are deported home. The agents go through 19 weeks of training, learn Spanish and then they all spend two years working the southern border than they can move on to other places. They are only building fences in areas like towns and cities that are on the border, in open areas they have cameras and sensors. We got to see the monitors, nothing was going on.
Thought you might enjoy a few of the photos I've taken around Hummingbird Cove. Sat. evening we had a one man band entertain us, this Sunday there is a barbeque.

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Cherylsue said...

I like your photos and prefer the slide format as to the other one. I always felt like I had one glass of wine too many watching the photos zoom by. I am depending on you to add your comments to my new blog: http://itsstillamysterytome.blogspot.com so don't let me down!