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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A new visitor at feeder

Are you all getting tired of hearing about our birds?? To bad!! We had a new visitor to our feeder yesterday an Altamira Oriole, what a beautiful bird. This morning there seems to be no birds, not even a black bird. The sun was out yesterday so we went for a drive along Hwy 4 to Boca Chica beach which is south of Padre Island out of Brownsville. We then drove to S. P. I. and had a late lunch at Dirty Al's Seafood and Bait that everyone raves about, I didn't think it that great, I had a better seafood basket at S.P.I Brewery.

We made it back for Happy Hour at the park, which is fun to sit and visit with the people and find out what they have been doing. We learned out Rag shops last night, shops where you buy clothes by the pound.
The birds have arrived, must have slept in this morning. It's coffee and doughnuts up at the clubhouse this morning. MMMM

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