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Friday, September 27, 2013

Twin Harbors, WA

We spent four days around the Twin Harbors area, at Westport in a nice RV park where we could hear the surf and the seals.  This is some of the beach looking toward their look out tower.
We enjoyed going down to the marina to watch the commercial and private fishing boats go out and to find some birds such at the Pelagic Cormorants, Black Turnstones, sandpipers and gulls.
 Here is the Westport lighthouse, Ken enjoys climbing to the top but it wasn't open either time we visited.  It is the tallest lighthouse in Washington, the light is not in use now.

Cranberry bogs are kept in the area, some nearly 100 years old and Ocean Spray has a plant near Westport.  It is harvest time now and a local farmer developed the little harvester you see in my photo, no more flooding the fields.
We stopped by Westport Winery one rainy day tasted some wine, bought a couple of bottles and walked around their beautiful little gardens.
We drove over to the other side of the Grays Harbor to Ocean Shores to do a little beachcombing and birding.  Ocean Shores is more a tourist little town as Westport is a fishing community.
The sun came out for two beautiful days and so did some birders who helped us with places to visit and what birds they had
been seeing.  One of these places was a little fishing village of Tokeland where Marbled Godwits spend the winter we went there twice this photo is from the second time in the evening and they were all on this old detached dock.  There was a little pushing for standing space.
The rain is back for the weekend and down the road we go to Oregon to Cannon Beach.

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