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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cannon Beach, OR

Our visit to Cannon Beach has been a wet one, we have gone out the six days here to visit things between rains.  Cannon Beach received the name because a cannon from a shipwreck in the 1800's was found on the beach.  Cannon Beach is considered the Carmel of Oregon, there is no fast foods or even a convenience store the only gas found in town is at our RV park but fast food and etc can be found  8 miles up the road at Seaside.  We found Seaside to be a quaint little town with a beach promenade and outlet stores, it doesn't have the pretty beach that Cannon has but the aquarium is a little gem.

This is the overlook at Ecola State Park part of Lewis and Clark National Park, the National Park is unusual as it encompasses 3state parks as well as National park areas in both Washington and Oregon.
We are just south of the mouth of the Columbia River the end of their trail where they made camp to spend the winter in 1808-9 before heading back east.  They recorded in their journal only 12 days without rain that winter.  Ecola Park is where they looked for a beached whale when they found it the Indians had cleaned it so they traded with Indians for some blubber and oil. 
Sunset at Cannon Beach

This is the Tillamook Lighthouse 1.2 miles off shore, wouldn't you like being a keeper out there, but it is no long in use since 1970's the birds have taken it over as a nesting area.

We visited the Seaside Aquarium where I enjoyed feeding the harbor seals and looking at all the sea creatures such as this fish.  It is called the Tsunami Fish as it traveled over 4,000 miles in a Japanese fishing boat that washed ashore in Long Beach, WA found on March 22, 2013, it is a Striped Beakfish.

Sorry not a very clear photo of the river otters we saw at the lagoons in Cannon Beach.  I used my little point and shoot camera a lot since I could put it in my pocket when it would start to rain.
This Steller Jay was in our RV park, our best birding is sometimes right in the RV parks here we had Juncos, Townsend Warbler, Brown Creeper, Flicker, Robins and Crows plus some fleeting looks at others we couldn't ID.
We are  heading only 40 miles south down 101, hopefully the next few days we will see more sun.

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