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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Olympic Peninsula

A view of Mt. Olympia, it's the snow covered peak in the far distance.
Our week at Rainbow's End is up, we didn't see a rainbow but did have 4 days of rain and mist, just like the Washington I had pictured in my mind, foggy and rainy.  The sun did come out for us the last two days.  We did see a lot of the area but my pictures aren't very good and I didn't take very many.

We learned that Sequim is usually the driest place in the peninsula and it is the lavender capital of the US.  Rainbow's End in in Sequim.  John Wayne used to come up here in his yacht and his family donated money to build a park and marina in his name.                                                                                

We did take a whale watching trip out of Port Townsend, it was very foggy that day so it turned out to be a disappointing trip.  We did see the fin of a Minke whale but no Orcas and I really wanted to see them. We stopped at Friday Harbor on Juan Island for lunch.  Port Townsend is very picturesque with quaint shops and a lighthouse and park we didn't have time to explore.

We went out to the Dungeness NWR around 4 times, the first three it was foggy and misting but we did find some interesting things, a newt, snail, banana slug, mushrooms and a few birds a Brown Creeper, and Spotted Towhees.

                                                                Dungeness NWR Spit
The spit is the longest sand spit in the lower 48 and 5 miles down the spit is a light house.  You can walk down to it, and it is rented out to those hardy people who would enjoy such an adventure.

We took the scenic drive to Flattery Point, it's is around 90 miles from Sequim and took around 3 hours, it's a curvy slow road.
                                               Here at the Salt Creek Rec Area
which is just off the road and has a beautiful campground and a WWII bunker.  The tide was out and people were climbing the bluff that's isolated out in the water.

Flattery Point is on the Makah
Indian Res. and the half mile walk out to the viewpoint to see the lighthouse is interesting mostly on a boardwalk through beautiful woods.
Flattery Point we read is to be the most northern spot in the lower 48 but it doesn't look like it should on the map.
We are just moving down the coast and will still be in the Olympia NP area.

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