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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Twilight Zone

Our four day stay in Forks, WA pop.3500+8 1/2 vampires has been fun and very interesting.  Stephanie Meyer of Phoenix, AZ put this town on the international map, it is the home of the fictional characters, Bella, Edward and Albert from the Twilight series.  The town has enjoyed it's new popularity it just had it's 7 annual Stephanie/Bella birthday celebration which the author attended this year.  The story came to her in a dream and she went to google to find the wettest, darkest place in the lower 48 to set her story in and it came up  with Forks, it gets around 120 inches of rain a year.
But sadly and to the disappointment of the town the films were not made here but the first one in OR and the rest in Canada.  I certainly have learned a lot about Twilight, guess I'll add the series to my already very long reading list.
We have been enjoying the beaches of Olympia National Park and the rain forest between the rains.
Our first beach was Ruby Beach, the tide was out and the sun was out and we stayed to see if we could get a sunset photo, but no a cloud bank came in and blocked the sun as it was going down.

I had fun finding the sea creatures on the rocks that are usually hidden by the water, they are so colorful.
 This is beach One the native town of LaPush is along it.  We saw a few surfers on the other side of the breakwater.
This is beautiful beach two, it's a 3/4 mile walk through the rain forest to this beach, we took our time walking down taking photos of the various fungi and crawly creatures.  We didn't get down to Beach three it is a mile and quarter walk to it, we did walk some of it to see what fungi and creatures we could find.
I am trying to download another beach we went to, but it won't let me.  So I guess you won't get to see Rialto Beach.
So on down the road we go tomorrow.

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