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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Adventure

We are back on the road again exploring a new area of the United States for me, Washington and Oregon.
I have been debating with myself on continuing this blog as most of my friends and family see my photos on facebook, but there are few not on facebook  so here I am again.

Our first stop was the Flaming Gorge on the border of Utah and Wyoming, there we saw some Big Horn Sheep along with the beautiful scenery.
Next was a quick visit with Ken's son and his family which have a new daughter  added to their beautiful family.

We spent a week visiting Yellowstone National Park, that's Old Faithful up there, we saw it a couple of times along with a couple of other geysers.  There were 5 fires in the park but all the roads were open, we saw only one smoky area where the firefighters were on watch.  We enjoyed photographing the bison and elk we would see along side the roads, we would usually see a family of elk on our drive back to the Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone.

We took a day drive down to the Tetons, there we enjoyed photographing a moose along the road.

We took a drive to Red Rock NWR a wetland area where Trumpeter Swans breed as well as many other wetland birds.  The lakes are some distance from the road but we did see the swans, white-faced ibis and several hawks and sparrows.  We also got a flat tire on our drive out, this was on a Saturday and the tire repair store was closed for the weekend, so we enjoyed the West Yellowstone's shops and museum.  It was a really nice museum, small but the videos on the 1953 earthquake and 1988 fire were really interesting.  We drove by the lake created by the earthquake on our way to Missoula, MT our next stop.

I have cousins who live in St. Ignatius just 25 miles north of Missoula, we called on them and had a very nice visit.  We checked out the Les Metcalf NWR, the National Bison Range and Nine Pipes NWR over the Labor Day weekend and we added some western birds to our years list. We stopped and enjoyed the murals in the St. Ignatius Mission too.  We took a drive up to Lolo Pass, just outside the town of Lolo there was a lightning fire that took 5 homes, the firefighters were still there watching for any hot spots.
                                                 View of Mission Falls, from up the road from my cousins.
We are now in Washington, so I now have visited all the western states.  We stopped and droved through the Columbia NWR where we added some more western birds to our list.
I am looking forward to our next stop the Mt. Rainer National Park and Mt. St. Helens.  So more to come.
                                                Bison in Yellowstone.

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