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Saturday, February 19, 2011


I now have a new camera, a BD gift from Ken. It has a greater zoom then my point and shoot so now to see if I get better photos. I've only been out with it one day, but I think I'll take both cameras out next time to compare shots.We have been doing the Backyard Bird Count Friday and Saturday using Hummingbird Cove as my back yard.
Here's one of the birds counted today a Cooper's Hawk and photo taken with my new camera.
We have counted 45 species and 14 of those species at our feeder, I really thought we would have more but I think the Red Wing Blackbirds have taken over the park. We guesstimate 120 but that is probably low, there are 60 around our feeders in the morning.
It's been nice but very windy this week, did go over to SPI once, they are dredging sand again so there is a pipe all along the beach so didn't see many birds there. Also went to the Quilt show in McAllen I really wasn't impressed with the quilts, lots of interesting fabric though, I didn't really look closely as it was very crowded in the vendor booths.
That is about it from Hummingbird Cove.

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