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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It's been a quiet week in Hummingbird Cove. We had two nights below freezing and a couple of nights near freezing but the forecast looks like spring is back this week with temps of 80 degrees.
This Mockingbird has been guarding our feeders for the past 3 days, it's been busy keeping the cowbirds, blackbirds, sparrows and the other birds from feeding the only bird it doesn't chase away has been the Green Jays. I wonder how long it will keep it up. This morning it has another mockingbird messing with him so some of the other birds have been able to feed. We put the hummingbird feeder back up but no hummers probably because of the mockingbird, the freeze burned all the flowers so the hummers need the sugar water. We have noticed their increase activity at the feeders in Ramsey park.

Squeekie says leave me alone I'm trying to watch the birds.

This week was our Audubon meeting and field trip for the month of Feb. The program for the meeting was given by Ruth Hoyt a local nature photographer. The field trip was to local birding spots in Laguna Vista, we split into 3 groups and each groups was to see how many different species it could spot. Our group won with 54 species.
Friday begins the Backyard Bird Count, Ken and I plan on counting the birds here at Hummingbird Cove, we're looking forward to that.
Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!
'Tis Cupid come with loving art
To honor, worship and implore.
Frank Dempster Sherman

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