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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Big Chill

The cold from the big winter storm made it to the RGV this week. Weds thru Fri the night temps got down to 27 degrees or lower, Thurs we had a freezing mist and that night it turned to a freezing drizzle so Friday morning we had an ice cover over everything. Some parts of the valley lost power, some lost water because of no power and bridges and roads closed as well as schools. They don't think they lost any citrus trees or fruit, anything not native was probably lost. Sad thing was plants and trees were beginning to bud and bloom again now gone!!
They closed many fishing areas because fish were dieing from the cold. Rescuers went out to save the sea turtles, they brought in 575 turtles found on the beaches or near the beach around Port Isabel and SPI. They do not know yet how many of those will make it, the article in the paper today said 20 had died.

Today was beautiful temp back in the 70's and skies blue, so we went to SPI's Kite Festival.
The winds were light and variable so many of the larger kites had a hard time flying, but we enjoyed them anyway and our visit with one of the flyer's who makes his own kites.

Here's our little Yellow throated Warbler that visits our feeder. During and since the storm we have Lark sparrows coming to our feeders, they are really pretty sparrows will try to get a photo.

Next week we have another cold front coming but not as cold as this weeks.
Hope your team wins the Super Bowl, I've been watching so far the commercials have not been that entertaining.
Til next time, have a good week.

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