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Friday, February 25, 2011

Is it spring yet?

It's been a warm and windy week at Hummingbird Cove, the temperatures averaging 84.
Plants are beginning to green up and the Spanish Dagger's are blooming even without any rain. The Prickly Poppies are blooming too.
I've been seeing how sharp the zoom is on my new camera. We've been going to Ramsey Nature park just about everyday to photograph birds. Ken has been taking jugs of water for them too, as the water is off to the bird's watering holes.

This Kiskadee was very cooperative by posing for several minutes.

I'd say the zoom works well, I just have to hold the camera still. Now to learn how to capture butterflies with it.
We have a busy week coming up, so I may post a couple of times this next week.
Until then have a good one.

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