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Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday's Parade

Saturday was a beautiful day for a parade, a three hour parade.
Click on photo to enlarge to see just a bit of the international parade.
The dresses were colorful, floats were colorful, music was colorful!
The Lion's club had chairs lined up on the street, 2 deep that you could rent for $3, by the time we got there at 11:45 they were all gone, but we prefer to stand to get photos anyway.
We felt we were in Mexico, it was just a couple of blocks away! (The bridge anyway.) Everyone around us speaking Spanish, the people on the floats singing and speaking in Spanish. Brownsville has been having Charro Days since 1934.
Candied apples, cotton candy, colas, water and other treats were peddled around for the crowd to enjoy.
The kids were all dressed up in colorful dresses and little suits, some adults too.
I had a good time, I think Ken enjoyed it too.
Tomorrow is going to be a perfect day for a boat ride!!

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