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Friday, August 27, 2010


We crossed into to Montana the 25th and have been enjoying another one of our beautiful National Parks. Is this place famliar to anyone?It is the Many Glacier Lodge in Glacier National Park, we are not staying here but at the KOA St. Marys Glacier Park the most expensive RV park we've stayed in.
We've had sunshine and a couple of warm days to enjoy the awesome scenery. GNP is losing it's glaciers, at one time it had 150 now there are only 25 and it is predicted they will be gone in 2020. So if you want to see glaciers here come soon.
But it is still an awesome place, wish we were staying longer to walk a few more of the trails, we did a couple a very short ones.

This guy is trying to decide if he should be on the path!

We have seen Mt. goats every day, a grizzly and cub from across a lake and the cute ground squirrels and chipmonks.

We are heading further south tomorrow.

More photos of Glacier NP on Flickr.

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