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Saturday, August 14, 2010


We had a nice day to visit Juneau Friday, it was partly sunny and warm.

The trip over was a little cool, we saw sea lions, whales and on the way back we probably saw the same ones.Juneau is where most of the cruise ships stop but we were lucky only one docked Friday usually there are 6. It is hard to imagine what the tiny streets look like with 6 boats letting crowds out.

Saturday was beautiful, sunny day and we explored the state parks in Haines. Of course,we had to watch the bears again, Mama is teaching her cubs to fish. The fence is called a weir where the fish and game department force the salmon thru one opening so they can count and tag them, good easy spot for the bears to find dinner.

Monday we are putting the RV, car and us on a ferry and going to Skagway, Ken figures the cost is almost the same if we drove the 300 plus miles over.

Haines celebrated their centennial this afternoon with a street party and a town photo. We went down and watched the action and had a free hamburger and hot dog and sampled some of the good stuff the towns folk brought.
Oh, yes, it was another sunny day and the warmest we've had must have been in the 80's.
On to Skagway tomorrow.

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