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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is downtown Chicken, AK just a little tourist stop that relies on the Taylor Hwy traffic, which is also known as Top of the World road most of which is gravel.
This summer with all the rain the road has been washed out, not once but 3 times and one life lost on it, so this little spot is trying to hold on with the little traffic, like us, who visit from Tok. (The road to Chicken is mostly paved, the otherside to Canada is gravel.)
It started out as a gold mining town in the 1930's, the classic story Tishsa takes place here. It is about a bush teacher, I haven't read it yet but you know I will. We couldn't see the old school house, it's on private property and seen by tour only.
We picked up our pack of mail at the Tok post office today, we had it sent to general delivery we needed our new car tags.
We mailed a couple of packages out, Canada does not like certain Alaskan made gifts taken over the border, things made with marine animal skins, animal bones or fossils and we did purchase a few with the above so we shipped them home.
Tomorrow we cross the border and stop who knows where on our way to Haines, AK.
We need to go thru Canada to get to Haines and then again to get to Skagway.
I did get a few new pictures on my Flickr site please visit.
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