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Sunday, August 8, 2010

LuLu Belle

Some charter boat had a good catch. On our cruise Sat. the afternoon started out partly sunny and by the time we returned it was misting but it was a good day for a cruise.
These are the icebergs from the Columbia glacier, there are so many that we couldn't get up to see the glacier it has been 6 years since they have been able too. So it is a very active calving glacier and one of Alaska's largest.

We did see wildlife, these sea lions were just a few basking on a shore of an island, we saw a mother whale and her calf, a couple of puffins, Dahl porpoises, sea otters and a couple of harbor seals. I did get some good photos of the whales and a video which I have been trying to post on my facebook but the internet is not working very good.
This morning it is very cloudy, can't see any of the mountains, but it is not raining so it may be museum day.

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