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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oscelot Fest

Sat. was a nice day to go to the Ocelot Fest in Harlingen at the Marine Military Academy. Money raised goes to help the Ocelot Habitat fund at Laguna Atacosa WR they estimate there are 50 to 100 left in the RGV and most are in the wildlife refuge.
The Cincinnati Zoo brought in the Ocelot and a another small cat from Africa. The ocelot is one of 4 cat species that can walk head first down from a vertical position. I didn't get a good pic of it doing that. There were lots of kids activities, fishing, archery, making bird feeders etc. There were a couple of sea turtles, small alligator, bugs, and other small sea life to see. There was also a raptor show with black vulture, barn owl, barred owl, tanner falcon, bald eagle and two Harris hawks, pic of one here.
It was a fun day. Our friends the Carlows arrived and are staying in Brownsville, so after the fest we drove down to welcome them to the valley. They are staying a week maybe two.
Friday we visited my cousin and her husband who are staying at Fun and Sun in San Benito for two weeks. We went to the outlet mall with them today and then they asked us to stay for chili and ice cream. It was a good day for chili as it was cloudy and drizzly day. We enjoyed our outing, I bought a new pair of sneakers at the Easy Spirit store and more underwear for both of us at the Jockey store so I won't have to do laundry for another 5 or 6 days.
We called the Carlows this evening to see what was planned for Mon. and learned another friend of Ken's and theirs is in Harlingen so we will try to get together maybe tomorrow. So we will have a busy week visiting with family and friends.

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