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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A few thoughts

I was up early, again, this am and I started to go over our trip and what we've seen. I've been contemplating the different cultural areas we have passed thru. The Mississippi Delta where the ghosts of slavery still haunts and the 'Blues' that evolved from it, the soul foods, the attitudes and superstitions still found there. Then we moved to the Bayou area and the people who learned to live isolated yet still a community, the Cajuns, their food, customs, superstitions, language and music still alive among the cypress trees. Now here the RGV, which was Mexican and now Mex-American with Spanish still the main language on the street, Conjuca music coming from the cars and of course the food much of which we have no idea of what most of it is. A sign found in most ladies restrooms.

A sign outside just about every convenience store.

What a diverse colorful country we still are!!

Note: In our RV park we have recent immigrants married to Americans from Denmark, Germany and the Philippines, all who again add to our countries ideologies and diversity. We also have a French speaking Cajun and several visiting Canadians, not French speaking.

Another interesting thing is that Walmart changes it products to reflect the needs of each community, ex. here it sells packaged foods made in Mexico, the bakery focuses on Mexican sweets and during Christmas they sold hogs heads for Barbacoa. I enjoy trying the Mexican soft drinks made with different fruits and just recently found nonalcoholic Sangria which I really enjoy.
Until the next post, have a great day.

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Cherylsue said...

I found Cuban drinks made from papaya, mango, etc. in the Keys. They were very tasty, but loaded in sugar. Oh well, can't win them all!