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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giants and more

So much to see and they are so big....
We drove the 30 mile Avenue of Giants, the Big Redwoods.
Yes, I had to have Ken do the drive through the tree, it is privately owned so it cost $6 to drive though it. Redwoods are hard to kill, they will regrow from their stumps but the new growth isn't as good as the old growth. So you will see forests of the new growth Redwoods but they are trying to save the old big tree groves.
After that drive we took a twisty road to Shelter Cove.
Then ended the day with a stop at Eureka's boardwalk that looks over to Woodley Island.

Today we stayed around Eureka, the morning was very foggy so we took in the Blue Ox Museum. It is actually a working museum, they still do millwork for restorations and new homes making those beautiful gingerbread pieces for Victorian homes. It is also a school showing teenagers how to do blacksmithing, the old art of letter press printing and woodworking.
We then visited Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Samoa Dunes Recreation Area and a couple of highlights of Eureka the Carson Mansion and Romano Gabriel Wooden Sculptures (which are folkart pieces saved from Gabriel's yard). I didn't put a photo of them in this post, sorry. Next to the Fisherman's Memorial we found a flock of Marble Godwits and a few Black Turnstones, nice find for us.
We have been surprised at the number of young people hitchhiking and begging at street corners here. It reminds me of the 60's I've even seen a few dressed liked the old hippies.
More tomorrow...

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