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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

foggy day

It was a foggy day today, we thought it might move out but we learned that the sun doesn't shine very often at Patricks Point State Park where we visited today.
It wasn't a bad day for taking floral photos and the Banana slugs like the area.
We heard California Sea Lions in the distance and below the cliff we were standing on Harbor Seals were resting, I photo shopped the photo so you could see the seal.
Blackberry bushes are everywhere, some are still blooming with almost ripe berries.
We spent some time on the Agate Beach looking for pretty stones.
This Black tailed deer wasn't afraid of us as it munched away.
Tomorrow we head about 90 more miles north to Crescent City for 4 nights, we are slowly heading to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon before we start south again.
I got a couple loads of laundry done this afternoon, it'll be nice to have clean sheets tonight. I tend to do laundry every two weeks, it has been costing $2 a load to wash and same to dry.
Gasoline is $4.07 for regular and $4.35 for diesel, groceries are higher then they are back home.
The Walmarts are not super Walmarts but do carry a some groceries, and not every good sized town has one, Eureka doesn't but it does have a Kmart and Target.
More big trees tomorrow....and Pacific coastline if we can see it.

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