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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crescent City

We had a nice day to move north to Crescent City, highway 101 is very scenic up this way.
It was a little foggy when we arrived and took our little tour to the lighthouse and down Pebble Beach road but it cleared some so we retraced our drive to get the lighthouse with blue sky.
We spotted two pair of Oyster Catchers and a pair of Black Turnstones, I just had my little point and shoot so I couldn't get the turnstones.
We stopped at the visitors center and learned that when Japan had their earthquake in March a tsunami created from it hit Crescent City and damaged their little harbor. They are still working cleaning out the silt.
Our first impression of Crescent City is that we really like it, it has a beautiful coastline, homes are beautiful and it seems to be a quaint little seaside village with a Walmart. Redwood National Forest is just down the road in fact we drove thru part on our way here today. There is a promising area to find birds and the KOA is in a redwood forest and very quiet.
Come back and see if we feel the same in a few days.

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