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Monday, September 12, 2011

From SFNorth/Petaluma KOA

We are now in Petaluma, CA just 30 miles north of San Francisco.
We checked out the visitor's center to get maps and info on the area, then headed out to the Point Reyes Nat'l Seashore a 30 plus drive.
We heard some seals when walking back from the lighthouse and looked over and there they were some harbor seals.
Today we went to Petaluma's Shollenberger Park which is the local wetlands to see what birds we could find there, not many yet.
We then headed back to Point Reyes to walk down and see the lighthouse which was closed on our first visit. It is 300 steps down and 300 steps back and I did it.
We stopped at Drakes Beach and Limantour Beach both in the Nat'l Seashore, at Limantour there is a estero to walk by also supposed to be a bird haven, but it is still too early. There were reports of the Snowy Plovers on the beach and we did see some small shorebirds fly over us from the beach but we really can't ID flying shorebirds yet.
We did come upon 4 Tule Elk and two looking like they were practicing for rut season.
This KOA is really a popular campground, we haven't taken time to walk around it yet, but is nicely wooded and we have seen two new birds for us right here at our campsite the CA Towhee and Chestnut-sided Chickadee.
Stay tuned for more from Petaluma.

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