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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Salt Lake

We have made it to Salt Lake.
We are staying at the KOA which is downtown, we missed our turn coming in so we had a fun time finding it Sunday, good thing it was Sunday and traffic was light.
The kids were busy so we headed out looking for birds and ended up at Antelope Island State Park which is a great place for wildlife.
It has a large flock of Yellow Headed Blackbirds they don't have their yellow heads yet so at first we weren't sure what they were
even more Avocets
and it has the largest colony of California Gulls and the tree and barn swallows were everywhere. So we had a good day, it was beautiful temp around 90. There had been a storm Sunday evening and areas nearby had high winds and hail luckily not at the KOA.
The kids came by later in the evening to say hello.
We will be exploring a couple more places for birds today and will see the kids again later, school has started for a couple of them.

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