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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our stay in Carson City

We have been enjoying Carson City's beautiful weather and all the interesting sights around the Carson area. Our first day was riding the V&T train and spending 3 hrs exploring Virginia City and riding it back. We extended the ride to include the wine tasting tour down to Carson Canyon which was only one hour more but lots of fun.
It was time to visit the famed Lake Tahoe. It is as beautiful as advertised, has the usual tourist shops and activities, public beaches and this historic site run by the National Forest Service.
The government bought the property to get the beach area and was going to tear down the beautiful summer home of the Pope's and the surrounding buildings which were servants quarters, quests cabins, old gym, laundry, larder, kitchen and boat house. The house was built in the late 1800's and added and changed over the years by the 3 different owners but the Pope's had it the longest. One of their famous guests was Rudolf Valentino.
We had to visit the V&T museum in Carson City
it has some famous movie stars too several of the trains have been featured in many, many movies. In fact the train we rode on was used in the movie Water for Elephants. We went through the State Capital and the State museum which was a U.S. mint that made silver dollars, the 20 cent piece etc. We drove to Genoa the oldest Nevada community est. 1851 and was a Mormon trading post.
We took another drive to Lake Tahoe this time turning north.
and ending up in Reno to see the Harrah's Automobile Museum.
there are 200 plus cars, many owned by stars and several with a fascinating history like the Thomas Flyer the car the won the trip around the world.
Of course, we took the time to explore a state park wetland, and alpine meadow to enjoy the wildlife. We are able to add a couple new birds to our life list, the Brewer's Blackbird and the Mtn. Chickadee.
We were enjoying the area so much we ended up staying a couple of extra days and we have barely covered it.
But it is time to move on to Yosemite!!!