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Monday, September 20, 2010

Smithville birding

We heard about a stray bird usually found in Alaska had been seen at Smithville Lake.
So Sunday we decide to go over and see if we can spot it, it's supposed to be a long-tailed Jeager.
We see hundreds, maybe thousands of Monarchs in the air and on the flowers but few birds.
Butterflies were everywhere, like these little hairstreaks puddling. Still no Jaeger we did spot the Ospreys it is supposed to hassle and a Forester Tern.
We had a storm go through Sat. night, at our house we had some rain but other parts of the north land had hail and micobursts. Smithville Lake was hit with one of the micobursts part of a marina was hit.
Today, we heard on the news about a fire in Harriman, UT where Ken's son lives. It turns out two of the houses burned were right behind him, his house is fine. Luckly they were not home at the time of the fire.
I'm still working on sizing pics to get printed, I'll have more then a 100 to get printed. The best of my photos I have on my flickr site, remember you can just click on one of the pictures or the flickr bar to get to my site.

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