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Monday, September 6, 2010

Ely, NV

We took a ride on this train this morning, it was a short ride but Ken had a good time getting photos. Then this afternoon we drove to and through the Great Basin National Park. Nevada's tallest mountain is in this Nat'l park, Mt. Wheeler, it has a little permanent ice a reminder of the glaciers that once covered the area.
We spotted a couple of new birds the Mountain Chickadee, and Crossbill.
When we visited Antelope Island in Salt Lake we saw 3 new birds. Antelope Island is a large island in the Salt Lake and it is a Utah State Park. It has a large herd of bison and antelope and an interesting history of cattle and sheep ranches.
We didn't take a dip in the lake there were a few out.
Nothing really lives in the lake but brine shrimp which many migrating birds love, we saw ibis, curlew, stilts, avocets and a new shore bird for us phalaropes which are really fun to watch as they swim around in a tight circle.
Tomorrow we head south again to Las Vegas for a couple of days to visit more grandchildren.

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Cherylsue said...

I had to work hard for my 3 grandchildren and you acquired all sorts of grandchildren with no work at all!!!