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Monday, September 27, 2010

AK Memories

I have finally put together my photo album, it ended up with 400 photos. We took most of the photos to Walmart to be printed and a 100 photos to Walgreen, Walgreen's photos were much brighter.

I have also made my fabric memory book.It has five pages and the finished size is about 7 by 12 inches, the pages increase in size front to back so the trims of each page show.

I printed a few of my photos of Alaska on fabric to add to the pages.

Each page has a trim that reminds me of the trims the natives use on their costumes.

This one has a sample of musk ox yarn, that I knitted up. It is very expensive yarn, it is supposed to be the warmest and softest of the wools. My little sample cost $3.

I have beads, antler buttons as well as my pin collection on the pages. The fabric I bought from quilt stores in Alaska and each has an Alaskan theme.

I backed each page with interfacing rather than a batting so it would lie flatter or hang nicely.

The pages are hinged to a piece of antler using ponytailers.

I enjoyed making my memory book, it went together quickly.
I met up with my girlfriends Thursday to have a nice visit.
This morning we picked up the RV from Freightliner where we have the oil changed then we took it for two new front tires, one had developed bubbles. So most of the RV maintenance is done, I still have to clean it good.
Our weather has been perfect the last few days and looks to continue for several more. Ken has been cleaning up the flower garden and the yard. We'll have several bags to take to the town compost place.
So we have been busy, but we are enjoying the fall weather too.
Happy Birthday Jim!!!

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