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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back in MO

We are back home, it's nice to see how our flower garden fared without any tending, not bad actually, it's a bit weedy as expected. It is also nice to see the butterflies, we haven't seen many on our travels especially the beautiful monarchs. It's time for them to migrate south.
I have started to catch up on the laundry, I hadn't done any since we left Skagway. I'm also unpacking all the things we collected on our trip and then I'll get busy and give the RV a good cleaning.Here's the bits and pieces I collected on our trip, I have around 40 pins, fabric and bone buttons for a memory book I going to make. I'll put many of the pins in the book and some on a wall hanging I made a few years ago.
I'm not sure if the cats are happy being home as they have been hiding and off their food. I'm sure that it won't be long and they will be back to normal, just in time for us to head south.
It's nice to live in a small town where the postman will automatically start bringing your mail to your box . We weren't going to start up our delivery but we got mail today.
(Ah, thunder, it seems cool wet weather follows us. )
I'm working on resizing some of the thousands of photos I took on our trip to make prints, I like to have prints in a book I'm old fashion in that way. It's hard to pick out only 100 or so from so many photos.
I did make a couple of Walgreen photo books for the grand kids, one was about Grandpa's trip to Alaska and the other about Eddie the duck and the friends he made on the trip.
I just watched a cute short on the CBS news on birding, the great Texas competition of who can spot the most species in a 5 day period. A Mr. Baker is usually the winner this year he had over 300 species. That's almost our lifetime total. The birds are migrating, time to get out there. I haven't taken time yet to total up the new birds we saw on our trip, but it will be over 40 new species.
Well, back to selecting photos.


Q said...

Welcome home.
It has been lovely here in K.C.
Hope you post some of your photographs!
When will you leave for Texas?
I think we are staying home this winter I have all sorts of projects I want to do.
There are so many different birds in South Texas. Hope the oil spill did not harm them.
I too collect strange buttons and such when we travel. I too have a wall hanging I am working on from our trip in June.
Great minds do think alike!

Cherylsue said...

Welcome home. I am off to get mammogram today. We are under construction in both bathrooms and kitchen. Tile, marble vanities, sprayed fridge, etc. Everything is a mess now but will be nice when done. Patience!