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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A visit to Seldovia

The weather wasn't great today had a little mist now and then but we took a boat over to the little community of Seldovia. It is an old native and Russian community, Seldovia means Herring in Russian. In 1852 the Russians observed the spring herring run, a there began an industry. The Russians had also used the natives to hunt otters for their fur.
In the 1920s the fisheries had been discarding rotting fish and offal in the water for so long it killed the necessary vegetation for the herring so now the fish is salmon.
The salmon canneries were destroyed in 1964 when the Good Friday earthquake hit and the town dropped 4 feet and tides flooded the town. A little part of the boardwalk is left and now fishing guiding and tourism is the main industry now.
Can you find Eddie, he enjoyed his tour of Seldvoia too.

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