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Monday, July 12, 2010

Captains Choice tour

Here's our view of the mountains from Stoney Creek RV park, pretty isn't it. I'm a bit tired tonight and my thoughts and fingers probably aren't working very well.
We took the Captains choice tour of Fjords Nat'l park, the captain stops for most wildlife, it is a 9 hour cruise. The picture at the bottom of this blog is the boat we were on, it is a small boat for a small group of 16 people. We saw whales, birds, sea lions, seals and sea otters, I didn't get many photos of the wildlife, too hard for me to get a good photo in focus on a rolling boat. Ken got several good photos, and a cold as he spent a lot of time on the bow of the boat with the other photographers getting the good shots (he probably caught it Friday he spent alot of time on that bow too).
The boat in the pic above is like the boat we were in on Friday, a larger two decked that carries 150 people. This is taken in front of the Northwestern glacier today.

Our day started out beautiful with blue skies, calm water but as we were heading back from the glacier the seas turned a bit rough, the sky grey with some rain but we weren't worried we had a good captain.
I have to remind myself that the forest here is a rain forest, so that means lots of precipitation and it is what I expected, lots of rain but not so cold.
We are heading out tomorrow, somewhere on the northern side of Kenai Peninsula where ever we can find a spot as I heard the fishing is getting good and the campgrounds are filling up.
The part for the RV had not been ordered as of Friday, I hope they ordered it today, they weren't sure what was needed after they had looked at the broken leveler too. We may be getting it fixed in Texas not Alaska at this rate.

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