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Friday, May 14, 2010

Our cat Boo

We took our cat Boo to the vet Weds. we knew he was ill since his last visit to the vet last fall but the vet told us to bring him back when we got back home to see how he was doing. Well, he lost 3 more pounds, he has diabetes with a bladder infection so he is now on insulin we give him two shots a day. Poor guy he has to put up with me as this shot thing is new to us but he is usually very patient with me. We take him back next week to see how he is doing and the other 3 will go in for check ups to their get health certificates for our trip.Katie is taking a break from studying up on our trip, or maybe she's keeping me from reading up on it.
We went to Lifestyles RV to get a water filter and awning repair tape and found that they no longer handle motorhomes just travel trailers and of course didn't have what we were looking for either. Ken will go online and order what we need, he's getting pretty good at fixing things he finds alot of how to's online. We have our Canadian car insurance ID for the car and guess we'll get the RV's when we go thru SD. We've checked on Verizon service and it looks pretty good most places going up. So I think we are almost ready except for the cats certificates.
We hope the weather warms up some too, we've had about 3 inches of rain and it's been cool. Today was a nice day, we got some work done on the RV and around the yard.


Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

I totally goofed on the first comment I tried making..lol. Your felines are beautiful! Im an animal lover, but im a feline freak! I love cats so much. Im so sorry about
Boo and I hope he is doing better?