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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sorting out photos

Sorry, I haven't been blogging regularly, but not much happening lately.I did go to the Red Hat lunch today at Applebees , we had a nice turn out and a good time. Monday, I went thrift store shopping with Shirley, it was 75% off to seniors I know I'm not yet a senior but Shirley just threw my few pieces in with hers. I found a couple of nice tops I was hoping to find some capris but no luck there.
I've been going through all the photos I took over the winter and deleting the worst and repeats, so far I've deleted over 1000 photos. It has been fun going through my photos, we sure saw lot of different birds and had a great time at Hummingbird Cove.
When I'm not going through photos I've been going over the Penniman Family site, updating my family tree. The Penniman's are having a family reunion and one the distant cousins set up this site for family to send photos, and family info.

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